Our Services

As a comprehensive provider of engineering services for buildings, from machinery to operations, we look forward to your enquiry, whether for individual units or whole systems. 
We offer flexible options, including from a single service to an ongoing site planned maintenance, designed to align with your unique requirements.


Planned Maintenance

From Daily's to Annual PPM's, we conduct our work utilising SFG-20, Manufacturer's instructions and expand using our own knowledge to the instruments. We look forward to applying our approach with results to fully understand your system's needs. We have found fundamental sections are often overlooked which results in the focus remaining on individual components as they appear in the planner, 

RPA also analyses the systems where the actual PPMs are tied into to identify potential contenders in reduction to performance and report accordingly.  We will work with you to generate a true balance of the system to preserve wellness.Through PPM, we ensure your services are dependable and function smoothly without frequent breakdowns or disruptions.

Reactive Maintenance

Unfortunately, the need for reactive maintenance presents itself to all buildings. 

We are available to fully isolate, identify and implement a plan to ensure you are operating as quickly as possible.


We source spare parts selectively from multiple suppliers to reduce cost and delivery time. 

Furthermore, we provide support and feedback for your database, identify trends and highlight particular issues which fall within any defect or warranty period. 


Our investigation helps identify the root cause, enabling us to provide targeted assistance, ensuring long-term solutions to prevent future occurrences.


We are experienced in handling small mechanical projects within Plant spaces with attention to detail. 


Our skilled team is well-equipped to tackle challenges and provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of these environments.


From sourcing and installing mechanical sections to offering maintenance and upgrades, we prioritise efficiency, reliability, and safety.


We will provide all associated documents upon competition as well as any PPMs recommendations to build into your planner,


Streamline your workflow by entrusting time-consuming, repetitive tasks to one of our highly competent engineers. When dealing with an entire section of units requiring adjustments or component exchanges, your site staff may find their attention diverted elsewhere, resulting in these important tasks being left unaddressed or added to an ever-growing list. 

Examples include - rewriting of all current PPMs or all actuators for FCUs need adjusting/replacing throughout the building, we step in to identify and exchange them as required. 

Our process involves verifying correct operation on-site, cross-referencing against the Building Management System (BMS), and providing a comprehensive report providing a seamless and efficient operation for your building systems.


When you require reliable backup or temporary staff to handle PPMs while you focus on site revisions, we've got you covered. Our short-term contracts ensure that all essential maintenance tasks are performed diligently, allowing you to proceed with your development plans with peace of mind.


Whether you need seamless maintenance support to keep your operations running smoothly or to facilitate a smooth transition during contract phases, we're here to ensure your building functions as it should, keeping you operational and hassle-free.


At RPA, we recognise that while sites are diligently maintained, they often lack the time and attention required for thorough cleaning.


We believe your space should exemplify a showroom, not only showcasing the work put into it but also facilitating quick fault identification.


With our understanding and respect for all components, we offer a cleaning service for the spaces. 


Our team takes great care in delivering seamless on-site improvements, allowing you to relax, knowing your operations will continue smoothly without any interruption.