Who We Are

RPA Engineering Solutions Ltd has been created to complete works effectively within specified time frames and without excuse. We complete jobs promptly, to a noticeable high standard, hold a strong knowledge base with a high skill set, which equates to minimising interruption to clients and residents from issues upon application.

Our senior engineers have spent years as at sea as Officers on vessels ranging from containers to super yachts. In this environment typically only a few engineers are onboard to solve and prevent problems with all systems and equipment, in varied conditions without exterior support. Our transferable understanding, efficiency and being proactive are paramount to all our operations, which we hold strongly in our actions and culture. 

Being experienced in Residential, Commercial and DHN operations, we have a true understanding of component care to all aspects mechanical and associated equipment, and can therefore comfortably action all tasks with ease.  Our systematic approach, BMS evaluations and site data enables us to have your systems operating at an optimum level.